S P R I N G  A R C A D E  B U I L D I N G

The Spring Arcade, built in 1924, is a unique two-tower building, which spans the length of Spring Street to Broadway, in the heart of the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles. Once the location of Mercantile Place, a small alley lined with independent retail shops that opened in 1904, the Arcade was designed by architects Kenneth McDonald and Maurice Couchot with the intent of maintaining the Mercantile alley’s storefronts and ambiance. These two, back to back towers, are connected by a three level arcade covered by a glass-roofed skylight dome, fashioned after the grand 19th century shopping arcades of Paris and London. In particular, the glass-roof skylight was designed to imitate the Burlington Arcade in London.

The building is also notable in Downtown for having the landmark KRKD radio towers on the rooftop. The radio tower was originally owned by the radio station, KMIC, but was renamed KRKD when it moved to the Spring Arcade Building in 1932. The station was purchased in 1960 by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, founded by Aimee Semple McPherson, and broadcast weekly sermons, along with stations playing show tunes and popular music over the years.

The new dining scene is part of an effort to once again make the Spring Arcade a community hub and a living landmark of Los Angeles history.

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